Release Day Highland Moon Sifter

Bekah McRafferty has one goal. Travel back in time and kill the Moon Sifter Shaw Limont so that billions of the human race can survive.

Yep, that was the plan until she actually meets the Highlander. He’s not exactly the evil guy history made him out to be. Creator of monsters that nearly ate mankind to extinction? Well, maybe. Maybe not.

But now that she’s jumped into the 13th Century with the future of humanity depending on her to kill the guy she’s rapidly falling for, and with monsters on her tail, trying to stop her, what’s an assassin to do?

Highland Moon Sifter brings to a conclusion the 4-part series featuring the sibling guardians within the Highland Sorcery novels, featuring Toren, Edeen, Col, and Shaw Limont.  

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Coming in Paperback soon

I'm really excited for the brothers and sister to finally get back together after completing their own journeys and each finding their own perfect matches.

But of course I can't leave it there. This world is too much fun to play in. so even though this story arc has come to a conclusion, new journeys with new characters will begin.  I also loved the dragons from The Vampire and the Highland Empath so I'm setting out to write another spin-off series featuring Highland Dragons. So much fun, can't wait to dip my pen into their misadventures.  

Anyhoo, thanks for sticking through this first Highland journey with me and hope to see y'all on the next one.

Making of Highland Moon Sifter Cover

This one took a lot of tweaking. I started out with this stock photo from Dreamstime. Well, minus the modesty slash. I saw it months and months ago while I was looking for another cover and just fell in love with this model's hair and facial expression. I bought it right then. In fact, this is the only cover model that I've ever written a character to match. Usually I just see the characters in my mind, but Bekah I wrote seeing this picture. This is her. That's a first for me.

However, even though Bekah is naked quite a bit throughout the book since time traveling doesn't allow anything material, like clothes or weapons, to go through, half-nekked people on covers gives a different impression for what's inside the book. I don't want to be misleading, so the search for a cover up ensued. That was really hard to find something that fit the way her body is twisted kind of sideways.
Finally I settled on this poncho.  And it kind of fit on her. It was fun getting her arm in front of it.

I also had to get rid of the hot red jalapeno key chain she was holding since, like I said, nothing material can travel through time rifts, including red key chains. That would have come in useful in the 13th Century though now that I think about it. Too bad.
Okay so next came the background. This brown one is kind of bleh, plus as this is the last book of the series and the characters are back in 13th Century Scotland where the first book began, I wanted to have the same purplish cloudy look to it that Highland Sorcerer has. Then I thought it'd be cool to throw in the moon since Shaw gets his magical power from moonlight. 
Okay, well it made sense to me and it took less than five minutes to find the perfect moon shot.
Added the purple saturation.

Next I placed Bekah onto the Moon background.
Added the Title and stuff... And softened the edge of the poncho on her shoulders and 
Here we have it... 

And the Series is complete!