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Index of Magical Creatures in the Highland Sorcery series

A little information about the Highland Sorcery World

All magic wielders have a specific gift or talent. Magic can be shared by will (not forced or taken) between magic wielders, however a wielder can still only use the magic given within the specifications of their unique talent.

For example, a healer can share his magic with a sorcerer, but the sorcerer will not be able to heal someone. He can use the added magic to enhance his own abilities and do the things that only a sorcerer can do.

Sorcerers: The most diverse and powerful of the magic wielders, sorcerers can do many things, such as focus their magic into power streams either for destructive or constructive purposes. They can open and close rifts (portals) into time or space and move from location to location or within different time eras.

If strong enough, a sorcerer can harness the magic of several wielders at once. A sorcerer's magic is absorbed from nature, from the magic that lies within the land, air, and water.

Healers: Heal. They absorb magic through nature, mainly the land, and can send their essence into another person to manipulate muscle tissue, vessels, or remove disease and infection. They work similar to a surgeon without the need to cut anyone open and use tools.

Witches: Natural witches absorb their magic through nature as well. They are a lesser counterpart to sorcerers, performing much of the same functions, except for the power over time and space rifts.

Witches must use spells, rituals, and incantations to funnel their magic. Witches have a bad reputation for being easily corrupted. Although their magic stems from nature, witches can obtain more by making pacts with demons. Once they cross that line, it's rare for a witch to go back because the craving for stronger magic is all-consuming.

Empaths: Similar to healers, with a touch an empath can send her essence into another person and scroll through their memories and emotions. They are extremely sensitive to heavy emotion and can generally intuit a person's intentions or gifts even without a touch.   

Shapeshifters: Most shapeshifters have the ability to shift into several different animal forms, although a few are limited to one particular animal. None are able to take the form of another human being other than themselves.

There is a moment between shifting when the shapeshifter is pure energy. It is dangerous to maintain this transitional state for a long time due to the instability of being without any form. The risk is within losing oneself in this state and simply dispersing into the atmosphere.

The Fae: Their home is Reolin Skene, the Shadowrood dimension. Though magic is found within the earth realm and nature, the Fae brought much of their more darker magic into our realm (so it would not overtake theirs as their hearts turned cold) and assigned Keepers, an entire clan of magic wielders, to maintain an uneasy balance from the darker parts of magic to overpower the light magic. As long as the Keepers' hearts remain true and strong, the balance will hold.

Storm Summoners: Summoners absorb their magic from the air and wind. They can summon and disperse storms, as well as light rain showers for the nurturing of crops.

Seers: A very old magic taken from the sea. Seers are able to look into the past and future by interpreting ripples in the water.

Moon Sifters: Moon Sifters are extremely rare and extremely potent. They absorb the bulk of their magic from the stars and moonlight and appear to have many of the same talents as sorcerers--possibly much more.

Moon Sifters are born only every thousand years so much of what their gifts are is unknown. A moon sifter can feel a deep darkness inside of them, which they tend to shy away from, never reaching their full potential, or let loose to dire consequences. The most abusive sorcerers throughout history have really been moon sifters.

Vampires: Vampires are born, not turned. Though their nature and magic stems from dark magic, they are not inherently evil. The dark magic makes them avoid sunlight, though it will not kill them. It does weaken their stamina, agility, and inhuman strength for hours so most avoid it.

Vampires crave human blood, although they do not need it to survive. It acts more like a drug in their system, which alters their personalities into a reckless, out-of-control version of themselves.

Dragons: The most ancient of the magical races, dragons prefer solitary existences deep within the warm bowels of the earth where they will sleep for centuries, awakening only long enough to bask in the sunlight and take a human form to spawn. Most of their half-dragon offspring do not show or engender any dragonic abilities. But those that do . . .