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Clover Autrey has a very clear memory of being on a swing set, thinking that being a writer must be the most wonderful job in the world. She was right. 

She is a high school English teacher and when she's not trying to introduce stubborn readers to books, she is writing the kind of stories that she loves read with strong and smart characters who are willing to fight for what they believe and the people they love. 

She plays around in different genres. She is the author of the Highland Sorcery time travel series and the Chapel Pines sweet romance series, which introduced her newest series about Army Ranger Billionaires out saving the world. They are like the A-Team with money. 

Clover has served as the president of the Keller Writers Assiciation and the North Texas Romance Writers of America. 

She lives in Texas with her husband Pat. Who else would a Clover marry but a Patrick? 


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