My Fiftieth Year

photo by thesparechangekitchen
I turn Fifty this year. The big Five-Oh, You're over the hill and rolling down it, When's menopause going to hit? Fifty. FiftyFiftyFifty.

I shouldn't like that so much, but I do. It took a long time--fifty years, ha!--to get here and I have a lot of past that is painful, a lot of things I've had to conquer and get over, and other things to let go or toss aside and move on in spite of. I earned every single one of these years and I feel happy and light and free. Freer than I've ever felt. So what if one of my ear lobes has a wrinkle in it and slopes so that I can't just wear any old pair of earrings because they aren't level? So what if my belly sits on my lap like a frightened old cat? Getting old is part of life. Embrace the great things about it. 

Okay, so I don't really turn Fifty until June, but I'm taking a page from my older sister Bekie. (Notice how I said older?) I have only one sister I get to be the youngest for and she's it. She's always been adventurous and wise beyond her years. When she turned fifty (Because she did it before me), she celebrated the entire year. Even took a European trip on her own for fun. 

While I don't see a European vacation in my immediate future, I've decided that I'm going to do something for myself each month. Something that I haven't taken the time to do either because of finances or not being able to leave my ill child home alone for a long period of time. 

This year I'll be going to the RWA national conference in Atlanta in July. I've wanted to do that for 6 years, but there was never any way possible. 

I'm going to lose weight. Okay, yes, I say this every year, but now I have a diabetes doctor telling me I have to and prescribing some meds to help with my dumb diabetic body wanting to store all the sugar it can. This time I can do it. They've already helped me lose 15 pounds so I just have to stay the course.  Maybe I'll be a new healthy slenderer me by my birthday. Fifty and fabulous. Oh bother, I'm fabulous now. Fat or skinny, I like me. This is for health cuz I have a lot of things I want to do. I also want to buy whatever clothes I want. So I'm doing it for that too.

Speaking of...I'm going to buy clothes this year. I've been Miss Practical and haven't really gotten much for myself the past couple of years. That's changing. My books are selling well (Thank you very much my dear readers--I'm truly grateful) and I can afford to get things for me as well as the kids. Purses, shoes, clothes. Yep, this is my Fiftieth year. I deserve it. 

Have a Sister's Weekend with, well, my sisters. I miss them terribly. 

A Massage. Would you believe I've never had a professional massage? That's almost criminal, isn't it? So that's on the list.

And that's all I can think of for now. I'm sure more things will pop up as I think of them.

So what kinds of things would you treat yourself to?