Camp El Tesoro De la Vida Grief Camp

We have arrived just outside of Granbury, Texas to drop Tater off at Camp El Tesoro (Treasure of Life).

He attended last year (in the record 112 degree heat) and has been looking forward to it since then.

This is his second year. So many kids wants to go so they limit the amount of times a child can attend to 3.  

Getting his suitcase out for the week. Sheets, pillow, and battery operated fan are stuffed inside there as well as clothes.

No stationery and stamps because from last year we learned T just doesn't write back!!

No food either since ants got all over his bed from the gummy worms I sent with him last year.

Besides, kitchen raids are more fun.

The baggage cart for Redwood cabin.

This year Tot is in Middle camp, roaming where the big guys roam.

He will be doing Archery and Horseback Riding and swimming every day, as well as different activities on the rope courses, the Cowboy Church's rodeo, and seeing the Magician float a table off the ground.

And the end of camp dance, of course.

 We have to cross that dang swinging bridge. T loved it. Of course he's the guy that makes it swing harder. Stay in the middle, keep your head up and just go....  Yeah, that advice doesn't work.

Lice Check. T passes.

Favorite new word from last year:

Confidentiality: What is said in counseling sessions, stays in the cabin.

His group, AKA, the frogs.

Last year he was a Fish in lower camp.
Time for parents to leave. See you next week, T. 
Now to make it back across that bridge...

Camp El Tesoro ~ time for home

The week is over. Time to pick up Tater.

 Over the dang bridge again.  There is one other way into camp, but it takes so long and it is so hot, the short trek across nauseousville is worth it. 

I think. 

 Notes and Hearts hang along the trail
Memorial Wall 

Planting the 25th Tree for loved ones lost. Yes, I remembered to wear waterproof mascara.

Chase's Rock for 2012. The big Green C.

Chase's rock from 2011. Time fades paint, not so the hurt.

Chase's rock when it was new a year ago. 

Pat and Tater on the balancing board. T said about 30 kids were on here balancing.
You can't tell by the picture, but the slab moves. 

Tater took the Gold Metal in Archery. 5 bulleyes out of 6 arrows!!!

Camp El Tesoro ~ Shots around Camp

 Archery Range

 Why are we smiling? It's hot.
Stay on the trails. Snakes are afraid of man-made trails. That can't be right, can it?

What with the rocks on the roof?

 Shower stalls. Good times.

Favorite nightly hang out. Just sit around and gab and eat bounty scored from kitchen raid.

 Cabin sweet cabin. No plumbing. No electricity. No crying.

 Fire ban. Brought in the big grill for S'mores.

Every day. Swimming cool off time. The large rope course is glimpsed in the distance.

Camp El Tesoro ~ More pics of Camp

We cannot always choose the way we are hurt
but we can choose the way we are healed.

Cya in 2013

 Stop at Pizza Hut on the way home. Ah, air conditioning.