Camp El Tesoro ~ time for home

The week is over. Time to pick up Tater.

 Over the dang bridge again.  There is one other way into camp, but it takes so long and it is so hot, the short trek across nauseousville is worth it. 

I think. 

 Notes and Hearts hang along the trail
Memorial Wall 

Planting the 25th Tree for loved ones lost. Yes, I remembered to wear waterproof mascara.

Chase's Rock for 2012. The big Green C.

Chase's rock from 2011. Time fades paint, not so the hurt.

Chase's rock when it was new a year ago. 

Pat and Tater on the balancing board. T said about 30 kids were on here balancing.
You can't tell by the picture, but the slab moves. 

Tater took the Gold Metal in Archery. 5 bulleyes out of 6 arrows!!!