Sunday, September 17, 2006

Deeper Magic

Since I know how to post pics now, I thought I may as well put up my one and only claim to fame in writing so far (unless I include the essay contest I won in fourth grade from the national guard) I still have that plague and trophy on my shelf right next to a copy of this anthology that one of my short stories is in. Jase's Challenge, beginninng at page 65 if anyone cares to purchase one of the 14 copies left on Amazon. Geez, maybe I better get some since the wonderful little ezine that first published it then put it in their first anthology is no more. Darn shame.

Anyway, I don't really write that many short stories, favoring novels, but this one came from the heart. It's in a fantasy setting (where else?) featuring a veteran of the wars who is bitter and seeking a meaning to what he had fought for. Along the way he meets two young brothers who are trying to find a mother for a hatchling dragon they had taken in.

For a copy of your very own go to: