The Mysterious Gnomes of Pickard Hall at the University of Texas, Arlington

My Gnome
They show up in offices unannounced and unadorned. Several faculty and staff members of the College of Nursing and Health Innovation at UTA (where I work) have received one. The receiver of the Gnome will open their office in the morning and come face-to-face with old wizened features staring at them from atop their desk. There is no note, nor explanation of any kind. Although there’s been speculation, no one knows the reason behind the enigmatic gift or why the receiver is chosen. I'll be honest, when I came into work one day and found my gnome, I felt honored, like I'd passed some kind of rite of acceptance. 

The mysterious Gnome showing up in Pickard Hall can be traced back as happening for at least a decade. No one knows who first started handing out the Gnomes or why or if it is the same person doing it? Could this be a Dread Pirate Roberts scenario where the responsibilities of Gnome giving is passed to the next giver in sworn secrecy? One thing is for certain. Once a Gnome comes, it doesn’t leave as most receivers view it as a form of community or acceptance. So as you’re walking through Pickard Hall, peek inside the offices. Chances are, you’ll find a Gnome lingering there. Or one just may find you.

Are there any little quirks that happen where you work? I'd love to hear about them.