Wednesday, October 22, 2014

More House Trauma

I wasn't going to write about this because I haven't told my youngest boys yet, but they NEVER read my blog or facebook so I'll risk it. 

So the air conditioning went out. Figures, right? But the landlord was real nice about it and sent a guy out who he used on this house before.

The repairman comes out. He kind of looked like Humphrey Bogart in a cap. Nice fellow though a bit quirky. Actually he'd fit in as a Stephen King type of character real well. At the front door, he asked, "Do you want me to come through to the back or I can go around?"

I have Southern hospitality so I ask him to come on in. He says, "I'm not a thief so you don't have to worry."

I wasn't worried. Besides we have rental insurance so we'd get new and better stuff to replace our crap. Steal whatever, I just want my a/c back on.

Anyway, out back he gets to work. He says he doesn't mind me watching him work because he likes people to know he's actually doing something because there are a lot of thieves in his business, but he's not one of them. Okay, good to know. Then he proceeds to tell me how he takes the magnet signs off his truck when he comes in this area because there is another a/c man with the same name that is a crook and he's afraid someone will pull him over and beat him up. Wow. He really is fixated on making sure I know he's honest.

Poor little Bogart. He must have been through the ringer at some point. Anyway, we're just having casual conversation while he's switching out the flux capacitor. Okay, there is no "flux" in the capacitor, I just liked saying that. 

Then out of the blue Bogart says, "You know what happened in this house, right?"

Oh crap. My stomach clenched. "Uh, no." We've been living here less than a week.

"The lady that lived here committed suicide. In the house. Yeah, they say she had problems anyway, but one day she shot herself. Was living here with her twenty-year-old son and his kid. The kid was the one that found her."

Ick, ick, ick. But that explains a lot of things. Like why we got the house so cheap. Why it was left so dirty. Like a twenty-year-old guy is going to clean it up after his mom just killed herself here.

Then little Bogey seemed to get worried. His face scrunched, causing more of those Humphrey Bogart lines that are deep enough they look like they might slide down his face. "I was right by telling you this, right? I don't know if you believe in those types of things. But if it was me, I'd want to know." 

"Yeah, I'd want to know." Do I? Um, maybe I don't. Well, too late now. 

He said he'd been in the house right after doing some work and went looking around for any evidence know, blood splatter, but couldn't find any.

Oh. Right. Um, yeah. Why is this my life? I prayed and fasted for this house. Come on. 

Then he leaves and here I am in the house all by myself a little freaked out. What was that creak? Which room? When I washed the carpets, did I see anything? But then I was tired and took a nap and nothing came out to get me so...guess we are good.

Plus I'm proficient in rationalizing. First, I don't think God would make everything work out so well for us if there would be any residual haunting. If you believe in God, which I do. If you don't, then just chalk this up to me and my way of thinking and move on. Second, I've lived with ghosts before and it was fine. They are just people after all. It's when you live with demons that things go wacky, which my grandmother did. I should totally write a blog post about that. I'll link to it when I do. But since I don't invite evil spirits in or mess with Ouija boards or seances, because that's just asking for trouble, we're good on that point too. Third, anyone who is at the point of taking their own life clearly isn't going to be attached to a rental house. She wanted out so why stick around? If anything, she'd be attached to her son and grandson and follow them away from here. And last, I believe that souls get escorts into the spirit world. I've actually seen that happen. (I post about it here..) And I certainly believe that God is merciful enough to souls troubled to the point of ending their own life to send help upon their passing. 

So no way is the house haunted. 

When I told my husband, he was very kind and pragmatic about it, but that's the kind of guy he is.. He simply said, "Oh that poor house. The poor woman needed a peaceful place to die and we needed the house." 

To be honest I'm more icked out that there has to have been blood residue than I am with a possible ghost. But in my imagination and denial I'm thinking she would have done it on her bed, which is gone. Right? That's what I'm sticking to.  I feel like Charisma on the episode of Angel where she stays in her haunted apartment simply for the lower rate.

So, 500 dollars less a month and now only 23 months to go. We can do this. And my plan: Be good to this house, turn the atmosphere toward good and love and family so that the next people who live here will not have to worry about anything either and the poor landlord will be able to say that the previous occupants didn't have any problems. See, that's me, scattering sunshine all over the place. 

Fun huh? Just what you wanted to know right?


Pooks said...

Several things. One, Bogey is a thief or a crook and knows there is bad word out about him which is why he doesn't use his magnet signs. Give me a break. Everything about him says so.

Second, I don't know if you believe in this, and I know it's not your denomination, but one thing about Episcopalians is we bless everything. We figure if you can bless food, of course you can bless pets, crops, etc. And many people do have their homes blessed when they move in. I'm thinking you might find an Episcopal priest who would do this for you, or you can find the prayers, or do it yourself within your own belief system.

A formal prayer and blessing is a good thing, and can clear the air, so to speak.

Or burn sage. You know. Do something.

IF IT'S TRUE. I think I'd check around and see if he's even telling the truth.

Clover Autrey said...

Good points, Patricia. I did search for it on the Internet and didn't find anything. I haven't approached my neighbors about it yet, yet getting through the first "hey, we're your new neighbors" intros and wondering if they'd dare say anything.

As for the blessings, we do believe in that and did have it done. Thanks. And like I said, still don't really feel anything where I've been very sensitive to those kind of vibes before, good and bad.

Stephanie said...


As a fellow writer, I just wanted to say how refreshing your story was for me. I do live in Utah, so it's hard to find people here that are as open-minded as you are about the spirit world.

I have thought about it though. Now that I have read your story, I am wondering if I might be asking the wrong questions of those around me who are of the LDS faith to get answers about their beliefs in ghosts and the lot. They usually give me a story about the Temple and the afterlife and that's it. Do you have any suggestions on how to start that conversation with them and get answers?

Clover Autrey said...

Stephanie, your comment made me grin because I can so see that conversation turning toward Temples and the importance of family.

As far as asking the right questions, I think it's more finding the right people open to talk about ghosts. The problem is is that LDS people believe so strongly in a spirit world, including ghosts and Satan and the like, that they are afraid that even talking about any of the negative aspects of the spirit world will bring a negative spirit around them so will avoid talking about it and steer the conversation to the good parts of the spirit realm.

I'm actually the same about putting myself in a position to bring in evil, like I said, avoid Ouija boards and seances, but I don't really feel that talking about ghosts and spirits does the same thing. I warned my kids of the reality of them and if they are ever at someone's house who pulls those things out to leave, that they don't want any part of it because it's not just a game. It's very real.

So that's probably where you're running into walls in talking about ghosts with your LDS friends. You'll just kind of have to feel them out to see who you can talk to or not.

That said, feel free to ask me anything.

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