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Trick of the Light (Trickster, #1)Trick of the Light by Rob Thurman
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So I mainly wanted to read this book cuz I heard some of these characters show up in Slashback, and I, of course, don't want to be the only one left out of the loop. I'm just like that.

Should have known I would fall in love with this series as well. Can this woman not write fantastically? I mean really, does she never have an off day? Geez, I'm so jealous and in awe, I can't stand it, but putting that aside, I'm so glad RT keeps popping out books like, er, I don't know, pop tarts or something, all warm and gooey with no nutritional value, but amazingly enjoyable to that last crumb that dropped on your shirt, but you eat it anyway.

Bet her writing's never been compared to pastries before. If I was famous and important enough to write her a back cover quote, I'd say something like: Riveting plot with twists and turns that bobbles the mind in this fast-paced adventure. But since I don't have to I get to say:

Holy Toledo, this is good. Not one, NOT ONE, of the characters is who they seem, and the emotion and flare is spot on. I had more catch-my-breath WTF (just so you know, the F today stands for frack because I'm in a sci-fi mood) moments than I did in the wind-tunnel at SkyDiveAZ (shout out) when the big-honking fan shoved all the air out of my mouth. That was sappy-giggling-like-a-girl-happiness-can't-breathe, friends.

Now here's my delimma. I'm still dying, dying, to read Slashback, but dang it, there's The Grimrose Path staring me down. Which to read which to read. Gotta go with Grimrose cuz it was written first~~and guess what's coming out in December? Short story with the Trickster gang. Yay, happy dancing~~must go back to the wind tunnel to celebrate!

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