Carole Nelson Douglas is Awesome

2006 World Con
 Okay, so back in 2006 I saw that the Fantasy and Science Fiction Writers were having a conference in Austin, Texas. I always wanted to go to a writer's conference since that's where agents and editors hung out, so I dragged my bud Faith and my sister Heather with me and off we went. 

I had no idea what it was going to be like, and probably made a completely noob idiot out of myself fangirling over all these famous authors walking around. I mean, just walking around like regular people. Geez, embarrassing now that I think back to it, but you got to start somewhere, right?

Anyway, one of our favorite characters was Carole Nelson Douglas because we kept happening to run into her. We get on the elevator, there she is. We go down the hall to our room, there she pops up. And she was so cute and fun and personable, we all fell in love with her. I think Faith even stopped at a bookstore on her way back to Fort Worth and bought up all her books. You can read the posts about that conference in the 2006 archives here.

Fast forward to today. My other newer buds Angi Morgan and Barb Han (I didn't know them yet in 2006 or I would've been dragging them around~scratch that, they would have been dragging me around to the RWA and RT conferences~I really was a noob back then.) Anyhoo, they were signing and reading at the Bedford Library's Romancing the Books event.

Guess who else was there? Yep, Carole Nelson Douglas. I went right up to her and asked how she was doing since I'd last seen her. Poor lamb had that startled face of how-do-I-know-her? yet gamely smiled and said, "Well, how are you doing?"

I took pity on her and explained that she really didn't know me at all, but we had met only once before when she was wearing a pair of $1000 shoes. That lit her up and she said she hoped she wasn't mean. As if. Anyway, the event was a little slow while I was there so I got to talk with Ms. Douglas for about an hour, not nearly as fangirly this go around and it was just really pleasant and she is as delightful as I remembered her being.

2013 Bedford Library