All Seeing Eye book review

All Seeing EyeAll Seeing Eye by Rob Thurman
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

You know how when the author of your favorite series writes a book outside of that series so you don't want to like it cuz you just want to keep reading more of the other series?

That's how I was with this book, which is totally a messed up way of thinking, but hey, I'm a tad messed up. But, of course I was going to read it anyway, because it's written by Rob Effin Thurman.

Yes, her middle name is Effin.

Yes, in my head I'm thinking a different word that begins with F, but I'm trying to be a good example and not say that, and no, it's not THAT word. My F-bombs are interchangeable, depending on my mood. Sometimes it's Frakin when I'm being a geek/nerd who wishes she were at ComicCon. It's Fetchin when I de-age and embrace my inner teen self's upbringing in the west, and sometimes it's Freakin or Frickin when I just want to get the point across without being crass.

So back to Robyn Effin Thurman. She's a freakin genius. I didn't want to like All Seeing Eye, but that lasted all of 5 pages when Jackson Lee's sarcastic nature completely won me over. What a character!

And the ending... RET, once again, takes it in a different unexpected direction, leaving the best reveals for last. Love it. Love all the weird twists and turns of her creative, impossible to second guess brain.

And...and...was that Ariel?

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