High-Heels and Slippers

While at my local RWA chapter's conference The Texas Two-Step, I happened to meet a fellow writer in the little cafe. She sat down by herself at a table next to mine so I asked her to hop on over. Pretty soon we added two more people we didn't know yet. It was a lot of fun.
The first thing I noticed about Ella Slayne was her awesome English accent and exuberant personality. She really really was fun to get to know and so sweet and smiling all the time. We had each recently published a book with Createspace so we swapped them. 
I'll admit chick-flicky types of books aren't the first books I reach for. I can count on one hand, minus the thumb, how many I've read, but I adored Ella so dove into her book right away.

And fell in love with her Brit living in Texas character Josie Jenkins. At first Josie is a bit of a mess, but she's hilarious and muddles through until some experiences, some tragic and heartfelt, she discovers herself.

It didn't make me fall in love with chick-flicks or want to start seeking them out, but I'm really glad I read this one and will definitely read anything else Ella writes.

And as a bonus, I learned a bunch of new English words and phrases. Some, I'm still guessing at the meaning.

Shiving off (sluffing, I think)
Charty (bad aftertaste)
Beavered (worked hard)
A bit full on (over the top)
Flumped (flopped? as in flopped onto the sofa)
Chuttering (muttering)
Hoiked up (hiked up her skirt?)
Tip (mess)
Trollied (drunk)
Faffed about
Was glutted
In Queue (standing in line)
Knackered (tired)
Well-turned-out  (looks nice?)
Windscreen (windshield)
Motorway (highway)
Nipped (went)
Fob off (don't BS me)
Barmy (crazy?)
Hire care (rental car)
Long slog
Gawping (oogling?)
Bit of a waller (screw-up)


Marny said...

snogging = kissing or making out (thanks, JK Rowling)
shiving off = sluffing (ditto)
dodgy = iffy or unreliable, potentially dishonest or dangerous (think the Artful Dodger from Oliver Twist)
cor = general exclamation, like "oy"
gob-smacked = bewildered, discombobulated
prat = twerp (but meaner)
barmy = crazy
long slog = long haul
gawping = gaping or staring or maybe ogling

Clover Autrey said...

Marny, I love that you filled in some of those I outright didn't know or was not sure of. You even added "long slog". I love it!

Ella Slayne said...

Hi Clover - thanks so much for the lovely words. It was a pleasure to meet you and I was so grateful for your warm welcome - turning up at a writing conference on your own is pretty nerve wracking! :-) Glad I could introduce you to a few new English words! LOL! I do love my Brit slang! Ella :-)