Scottish Highland Festival in Texas

The Texas Scottish Festival in Arlington, Texas is the first Highland Festival we've ever attended. Mayfest and the Scarborough Renaissance Festival run the same time and we've been to both of those so it was time for something different and since we do have Scottish roots from the Clan Buchanan, it was time to get our Scottish on. It was fun and interesting. Only 93 degrees out so not incredibly terrible. Lots of artisans selling their wares, good food, clan tents represented, athletes throwing weird hammers and logs around, musicians, dancers, and guys walking around in kilts.

Here's a few pictures:

Haggis anyone? Considering that it's made from the lining of a lamb and other, um, interesting bits and pieces, it is really really tasty. Seriously. I was surprised at how good it is.Then there is the meat pie below, totally different than the pot pies I grew up with. These had little to no veggies, but are just so yummy. I can see why they are a favorite.
I'll add a few more pictures tomorrow of all the different kilts roaming the field.


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