Happy Birthday A

My only daughter is 21 years old today. She has become such a remarkable woman and I am so proud of her.
Happy Birthday Sweetheart! 


When she was very young, whenever she got upset she'd tell herself over and over "it's okay, it's okay". I didn't make the connection until I saw her dad comforting her once, rocking and whispering, "it's okay, it's okay".

My husband's mom used to throw water on him when he pitched a tantrum, but the first time P tried that on A, she ran to her room and came back with an umbrella, as defiant as ever.

She rocks out to piano music~~a true head banger at the age of 2.

We once went to a military air fire show. A did not like the loud banging and forever after hid from any kind of fireworks.

She took things very seriously. She was the child that angsted over the 4th grade TAKs test because she knew she would never get in a good college if she messed up at this point. She never did take my word for it to relax about some things.

A likes to stand out. Shopping for prom dresses was always a treat because she would pick out the most unique styles.

Speaking of standing out, she'll admit she loved being an officer on the drill team mostly because their uniforms were white while everyone else's were red.

Her entire HS senior year, A and her friends would randomly break into Russian accents. ANY TIME. It was really annoying.

When her brothers push her too far and she growled at them, it's quickly followed by, "I'm sorry. I love you." But it comes out sounding like, "I'm sorry that I love you." She gets razzed for that.

Have a wonderful Birthday, honey. I love you.