The Making of a Book Cover

Thought you might like to see the transformation a cover has to go through.
This is the original picture I purchased from Dreamstime.

Then it got flipped horizontally so that when it goes to print there will be enough picture for the back cover. The cat was also removed since there are no cats in the book. No offense to cat lovers. It also went through some intense color saturation to make the heroine pop as well as dodged and burned to bring out the details like the rain. 
The above transformation will be kept for when we are ready to create the cover for the paperback version with plenty of room for the back cover blurb.

Cropping for the ebook version comes next and then the title and author fonts and placements. So here's the final version ready to go to market as soon as the final draft is complete. For more information about the making of covers, visit my husband's website at