These Kids...

I want to read this kids book when he grows up and writes one. Or his movies, or whatever. Gotta love a kid like this~~

Saturday with Writers

Had such a nice time with my writing pals at North Texas Romance Writers of America. We evaluated people's back cover blurbs for those brave enough to turn them in. There are a lot of good plots percolating amongst our group. Dang. Need to read those.

Had a nice little after meeting chat with author Cindy Dees. Okay, I mostly eavesdropped while C.A. Szarek chatted with her, but what Cindy had to say about where publishing and multi-media are headed was too interesting not to.  She gave a great example of how two scifi authors have a great interactive website with readers to help create their novel with chats and forums and fanfiction. I went and checked it out and it is awesome.

After that, spent a few more hours brainstorming with my four inspiring critique partners, which is always a good time--just the creative energy rejuvenates me. I still need a name for the German S.S. Officer who is chasing my current hero and heroine. I'd like to go with a German translation for monster or dragon or creature or something like that. Anyone have any suggestions?

St. Patrick's Day

Saint Patrick’s Day has always been one of my favorite holidays. How could it not be with a name like Clover, my favorite color being green, and being married to a guy named Patrick?

It’s like this holiday was made special just for me.

Okay, it obviously wasn’t, but I’m just the right amount of egotistical to pretend that it does.

With all that, you’d think I’d put on a big dog and pony show celebration. Except I’m also incredibly lazy, so I pull out my one or two St. Paddy’s Day decorations, consisting of a shamrock wreath hanging on my front door and a “Kiss Me, I’m Irish” picture. I am, by the way. Irish, not kissable except by Pat.

Oh, and I wear green so I won’t be pinched. And also my authentic four-leaf clover necklace my sister, Heather, gave me. Yeah, yeah, I know. Are you picking out a theme in my parents’ child naming process?
That’s it.

Like the Blues?

My husband Pat will be doing an internet webcast tonight at 7:15 pm central, and playing his Texas Blues album Blues Fusion from his band True Blue. He plays lead guitar and sings on many of the tracks. 

He is now a singer – songwriter, producer and studio owner and loves to help others write and record original music.

Check in and listen to some great music!!!

Read an Ebook Week


A few of my books will be on sale (at Smashwords only) through this week:

Highland Sorcerer at $2 (reg $3.99) coupon code: REW50

Demon Trackers: The Anointed is free this week

Banshee's Cry is also free this week

Best Valentine

Writing for Charity

In 2008, Author Shannon Hale held a professional writing conference at the Salt Lake City Library in hopes of raising money for those in need. She invited other local authors to come and lend their support. The event was a success, and WRITING FOR CHARITY was born!

On March 17th, 2012, the ROCK CANYON writers of Utah and the CHILDREN'S LITERATURE ASSOCIATION OF UTAH are hosting the fourth annual WRITING FOR CHARITY event at the Historic Provo Library. Yes, it's on St. Patrick's Day!

It's affordable at only $45.