Tuesday, July 12, 2011

The Sweetheart Tree excerpt

One life turned the battle ...

The Sweetheart Tree excerpt

"Oh, sugar," a solider-reenactor-a tall, slender one cooed at her."Did you think ye'd be safer dressin like a lad? Is that why you cut your hair?"
     "Did a poor job of it, if you ask me,"another said. "There's no mistakin she's a woman. You need something much baggier, miss, if you don't mind me pointing out" All eyes seemed to be taking in her jeans and T-shirt, which gleamed in the darkness.
     The young lieutenant frowned down at her. "Ma'am, I can't let a woman wander around out here alone. It's not safe. Sheridan's army is burning everything. Don't you know what could happen to you?
     "Gee, let me think. You mean like being dragged into the bushes by several filthy men? Something like that?"
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