Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Barnes & Noble Book Fair

Multi-author booksignings are definitely the way to go! It was entirely too much fun socializing. The time flew by far too fast. I checked my cell phone which also passes as my watch what I thought was 30 minutes in and it had already been 2 hours.

Barnes & Noble was a great host. We all did really well in book sales . . . I hope to be able to do this every year.

To the left is Mary Malcolm, myself, and Leanna Ellis.

Below are Marsha West & Jerrie Alexander

Carolyn Williamson (above) with Shayla Black, Nikki Duncan, and Heather Long (below).

Marty Tidwell came to visit with Delores Schafer.

Writers Wendy Watson, Misa Ramirez and Beth Shiver snagged the front table!


Heather said...

It looks like such a blast! Congrats.

*alysha* said...

I read your interview profile, it was awesome. This looks like so much fun, Congratulations!

Little Lovables said...

looks like so much fun! *wishing you lots of success*

Naomi said...

Looks like a great signing, Clover--congrats!