Parrot Flowers

Are these amazing or what? These rare flowers are protected in Taiwan. They cannot be exported anywhere else.

My Second Book is Released

It's out tomorrow. My second book. Yay me. This was a really fun one to write. I think I pummeled it out in a matter of days. I actually got cramps in my hand from this one, I wrote so fast. I couldn't get the story out quickly enough.

This is a romantic Time Travel. The thing that always worries me about Time Travel tales is that the person going back in time usually has some sort of knowledge pertinent to what is happening. Let's face it, if I went back in time to King Arthur's Court, just kill me now, cuz I have no idea what date any eclipses happened.

So I thought it would be a riot to have a character who doesn't know any historical facts travel back to the civil war. In fact the one piece of information that she does have is one of those things that history wrote wrong.

I hope you enjoy reading The Sweetheart Tree as much as I loved writing it. You can get it from The Wild Rose Press

Oh, yeah, notice all the initials carved into the tree on the cover. That's all in the book.