Sunday, April 08, 2007

Book Report

THE SINGER'S CROWN by Elaine Issack

I admit it. I like fantasy books that follow the basic fantasy pattern, ie: young hero finds his true and mighty destiny and gets the fiesty girl on his way to saving the world. I do enjoy those. That being said, this book broke the patterns, and I immensely enjoyed it, partly due to the differences.

The hero isn't typical-- a castrate no less, nor does he have any designs on retaking his kingdom even when others drag him in to do it. And the rest of the characters follow suit, none of them are typical of the parts they play, a few are people who annoy you, yet you come to love and admire them as their own intervowen stories progress. Even the villian, surprisingly is somewhat likeable and truly loved by many of the other characters.

And to see his brother and sister mourn over the choices he makes and try to save him, even after he has done some horrible things in front of their eyes, is masterful true to life writing.

Definitely a book worth looking in to.

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Carolan Ivey said...

That does sound like a great story. I like books that break the mold, as well.

Interestingly enough, I was recently curious about castrati and found a link to a recording of one made early in the 1900s. Fascinating. :)