Friday, March 16, 2007

Feburary Crashed

So I pretty much crashed through February. Midway through, I realized what was happening as I'd seen my mom do it several times. She puts on these great weddings, pretty much single-handedly and for 3 to 4 months, she just goes, goes, goes, riding a crest of adrenaline. Then when it is over, she pretty much sleeps through the following month.

February for me was like that. I had no energy, no motivation, no desire. I pretty much went through the motions of getting the kids to their activities and going to work, and sleeping whenever possible. Even answering emails was too much of a bother. Isn't that terrible? Until I put it together and realized I was just crashing from doing soooo much November through January. Literally. One month isn't too much to just lay low and recover after all.

I have been myspacing, though, mostly as an attempt to network, so that when I do finally get that break into the publishing world, I'll have a base to start with. I put a free short story up there to garner some interest as well. To read it go here


Izzybella said...

I totally would have crashed too, considering all you went through. Hope you are doing better.

Faith said...

I've missed you. We'll get together in the next few weeks--this is my last completely insane week for a while. I'm glad you're better, glad things are back to normal, and especially glad Chase is doing so well. Love you!!