Carol N Douglas

we kept running into Carol N Douglas every time we made a turn. It was funny ... and strangely wierd. Here she is showing us her $1000 shoes, which she received gratis after she mentioned the name in one of her books. Nice perk, eh? Yes, yes, I should know the designer, but since I am so not in fashion (walmart shopper here) I've forgotten. If you really want to know, pop over into Faith's blog, she knows all about what's hot in the fashion world. I really need her to take me shopping to update my look. me and Ms. Douglas. Isn't she adorable in her vintage wear? And she was such a fun, generous, pleasant person. She really has a way of making people feel comfortable. I really liked her.

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Anonymous said...

Just to can't really see Carol's sparkling fab shoes in this picture. The black strappy "out of season" shoes are mine. (Clover's sister Heather). I'll try to send my picture that shoes the shoes a bit better.