Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Hopefully Thursday

Yay! Chase will probably get to come home on Thursday. That's a few days earlier than I anticipated. He has all his nurses and respiratory managers wrapped around his little finger. He doesn't get that kind of treatment at home. Pat and I have had to leave him at the hospital on his own since we both work. We've never done that before. One or the other was always there. But Chase is older now too. Last night was the first night he spent without one of us there, and guess what, he was just fine.

I like that my kids are independent. I've never been the type to hover, well, at least not that they'd know. On the third day of kindergarten after I knew that Tate knew his way to class, I pulled the navigator to the side of the curb, and while the other mothers dutifully walked their children into the school, hands held tightly, I grinned at Tate. "Do you want me to walk you in or are you ready to go alone?" I watched his face transform even as he tried not to look so pleased with himself. "I can go without any moms," he said. So I remained in my car and watched him walk with giant, confident strides on little legs until he disappeared inside the school. And so what if I stayed there for a few minutes afterward, you know, just in case.


Faith said...

Clover, you are the awesomest mom ever! I'm so glad that Chase is getting home earlier than you'd expected. That's really great news.

Sam said...

Glad to hear your son is doing well. I work in a hospital and having to watch people watch their loved ones in pain always gets to me.

Izzybella said...

Hey, Clover. So glad to hear Chase is doing better, and very glad he got to go home before the holiday weekend. He's a great kid!

Anonymous said...

dear heart here . . . it's been a week since this post startd, chase is back in hospital again, spleen injury, sleepover turned bad - his friend rolled off he couch and landed on him. after two days of complaining, we got him looked at and the ct scan identified the injury. he was readmitted. since he arrived, chase has been on morphine to manage the pain. now his shoulder hurts - bed cramps? the nurse made an impromptu heating pad out of a diaper wrapped in a newborn shirt, warmed in the microwave. they just brought in breakfast for chase. boy - a bowl of gumbo sounds good right now

Anonymous said...

Dear Heart.....Hang in there....Having your child hurting is the toughest thing ever to endure, We love you all.... Mom, G.ma K.

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