Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Broken Car

Something is wrong with my beautiful navigator. Sometimes it will start, sometimes it just doesn't. Very frustrating. Two days ago right when I was about to go to work, I turned the key . . . and nothing. My husband was across town trying to save a deal that he eventually walked out on because the buyers were trying to be dishonest. (I'm so proud of him for that even though we really need the money) Dang dishonest people. Anyway, my neighbours were out of town. I really didn't want to call anyone, but I spy my 8 year old's bike lying on the lawn. Hhmmmm. My work is only 5 mins. away by car. Then again, this is Texas in the middle of the afternoon in July. I haven't ridden a bike in years and this one isn't even my size. Oh, whatever. I'm late. And darn it, I'm dependable. So I grab the bike and off I go.

I'm certain I looked like an idioit. An overweight 40 year old flying down the street on a child's bike. My daughter, 15, was mortified when I told her what I did. Of course, for flavor, I added that all her friends were honking and waving at me. That didn't happen but it was fun seeing the mortified look on A's face.

I made it to work in 20 minutes. Then I was red faced and sweating for another hour. Very professional. But what can you do?

Pat said the car started right up for him when he got home. Figures. We already checked the battery. It is fine, but the lugs were corroded. We cleaned those and hoped that would fix it, but now it is an intermittent problem. Sometimes it starts, sometimes it doesn't. I'm taking it in to the shop tomorrow. More money we don't have down the gutter. Ah, typical life. But for work today, I am prepared. If the nav doesn't start, I've already pumped the tire on my ten-speed.

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