Tuesday, July 05, 2011

Texas Spiders

I'm on the phone with some cable tech, since, well, our cable was out. It was a minor fix of having to reset the battery of the router box. Just unplug the power cord, take out the battery, wait two minutes and plug everything back in.

No big deal. Except the box is in the garage behind a shelf with a bunch of Christmas decoration boxes and the electrical outlet is on the ceiling by the garage opener mechanisms.

And a freakin spider as big as my palm--no exaggeration--is on the floor between the two!

I'm moving boxes and ladders and hopping back and forth between the two with a cell phone on speaker with tech guy explaining what I'm to do while I'm explaining to him how freaked out I am by this monstrosity of a spider eyeballing me.

Battery recharged and cable guy asks me to go inside and check the reception. I politely ask him to hold on a minute and grab the closest baseball. It happens to be aluminum.

I can only imagine tech dude grinning as he hears clang after clang of aluminum striking cement while me and superspider head off. Man that thing was quick, but I had a longer reach.

Not going into the garage barefoot anymore . . .
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