Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Beauty Secret your Avon Lady won't tell you

A month ago, a friendly neighborhood esthetician shared this information:

Vitamin C face lotion. Any brand. Any price.

This past month I've been putting it on my face every day in the mornings and in the evenings when I'm not so tired I drag myself to bed I remember.

The results are amazing. Okay I don't all of a sudden have the flawless skin of Jennifer Lopez—I can't sing or dance either—but the redness I've been camouflaging for years with foundation has dramatically lessened. I don't even wear foundation anymore. Yes, even on days when my hermit self leaves the house.

Also, the fine wrinkles and shadows near my eyes have smoothed out quite a bit as well. Not totally, but I'm not exactly in my 30s anymore either.

Her other skin tips:

Rub Brown sugar on lips to exfoliate.

Don't leave the house without sunscreen.

Wash your face twice a day.

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