Monday, August 07, 2006

Rejected again

I must be more hopeful than I have any right to be. I keep sending my manuscript to the big gun agents and publishers, and they keep pleasantly rejecting me. I really had my hopes soaring for this last one because she actually requested to see more from my query e-mail. That was exciting. I did the happy dance and everything. But today I got the e-mail that it is not for them and good luck.

Well, there is one more really big gun I want to try, yet at the same time I think I will go the route of smaller presses. I have a really cool looking one in mind that seems good. They check out on predators and editors and such, so off I go.

I'll try not to be too disappointed with the rejection today, or rather I will try and just put it out of mind. There is always that niggling little doubt that creeps in saying, "you're just not a good enough writer".

Then again, it was exciting to get a request for more. Maybe next time I can stick the landing.
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